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Accommodation center and support structures for rock climbers in the valley of Arginoda, in Kalymnos

Tezaris Emmanouil

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Year 2023
Type of Item Diploma Work
Bibliographic Citation Emmanouil Tezaris, "Accommodation center and support structures for rock climbers in the valley of Arginoda, in Kalymnos", Diploma Work, School of Architecture, Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece, 2023
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In Kalymnos, the landscape, the sandstone, the steep cliffs with the climbing paths, the ancient olive trees, the rocks, the climate and the soil are like a thought, like a deep reflection, as a bridge that reinforces the identity of the place and connects local culture with tourism. In Arginoda valley with its steep rocky slopes on both sides, there is a seaside settlement, northwest and 15 km away from the port of Kalymnos.The study focuses on increasing the interest in climbing, with the aim of attracting more climbers and also activating the local community. The homogeneity of the natural landscape and the lack of free public space gives the trigger initially for the activation of the central square of the settlement, parallel to the regional road and south of the old traditional olive press and the monastery of Saint Galatiani, a reference point for the region. The public space is extended to the west, with reference to the existing and abandoned diving park and the new cultural center with the aim of connecting the area directly to the beachfront and also hosting activities by the community. The offer and other activities that will be provided in the region of Arginoda, such as the diving park, form, in combination with climbing, a comprehensive tourist product, which can become quite attractive and gain a competitive advantage over other destinations.In the eastern part, outside the boundaries of the settlement, due to the distortion of the landscape from previous interventions, the strong tilt of the ground and the imposing view of both the settlements and the intense topography, with the olive trees and climbing fields, is housed the training center, the accomodation of the rock climbers and the public dressing rooms. The preservation of all the trees, the restoration of the landscape and the synthesis of the basic structure (rocks) and the semipatriot space, are key factors to show the truth of the place while as Aris Konstantinidis states, “Architecture complements and perfects what nature has left endless.”

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