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Typologies of spatial development of tourism infrastructure in the northern coastal zone of Crete

Daskalakis Savvas, Tzatzimaki Sofia

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Year 2023
Type of Item Diploma Thesis Project
Bibliographic Citation Savvas Daskalakis, Sofia Tzatzimaki, "Typologies of spatial development of tourism infrastructure in the northern coastal zone of Crete", Diploma Thesis Project, School of Architecture, Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece, 2023
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The coastal area of Northern Crete is exposed to the phenomenon of coastal tourism, which has caused a significant transformation of the landscape and the coastal zone as a whole over the last 20 years. This research paper delves into the spatial development of tourism infrastructure and sustainable planning in coastal areas, specifically focusing on the Northern coastal region of Crete. The coastal zone constitutes a complex system where multiple factors coexist and interact. Its connection to the existing urban fabric through networks is of paramount importance. Coastal spatial planning and the anthropogenic factor are inextricably linked to environmental alterations. The study of coastal areas from an urban planning perspective, involving the analysis of cartographic backgrounds, conducted through the use of the comparative method for the chronological periods of 2005, 2015, and 2019, aims to explore the changes brought about by the spatial footprint of tourism. The work aims to document the typologies of spatial development and the characteristics exhibited by coastal areas. Additionally, it evaluates the application of legislative frameworks pertaining to the coastal zone at the local level. Following categorization based on common characteristics of these areas, four case studies are examined.These observations lead to potential conclusions, highlighting the need for sustainable planning and the reinforcement of efforts to preserve the coastal zone. This research aims to provide an understanding of coastal development and its implications for tourism, thereby offering a foundation for making sustainable decisions for the future.

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