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1 V. Moustakis & G. Charissis, "Machine Learning and Medical Decision Making" presented at Machine Learning and Medical Applications Workshop: ACAI ’99 Machine Learning and Applications, Χανιά, 1999.2015-11-07
2 G. Potamias, V. Moustakis, G. Charissis (1996, June). Interactive Knowledge Base Construction and Maintenance. Presented at International Conference of Machine Learning. [Online]. Available:
3 V. Moustakis, G. Potamias, L. Gaga, M. Blazadonakis, P. Vassilakis, G. Charissis, "Bias identification using inductive learning techniques ‐ a medical case study," in European Conference on Artificial Intelligence ‐ ECAI 92, Vienna, 1992. 2015-11-04
4 L. Gaga, V. Moustakis, G. Charissis and S. Orphanoudakis, "IDDD: An Inductive Domain Dependent Algorithm," in European Conference on Machine Learning, 1993, pp. 408-413. doi: 10.1007/3-540-56602-3_1592015-11-04
5 K. Morik, G. Potamias, V. Moustakis and G. Charissis, "Model based leaning support to knowledge acquisition: a clinical case study," in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Conference AIME93, 1993, pp. 434‐439. doi: 10.3233/978-1-60750-854-0-4342015-11-04
6 L. Gaga, V. Moustakis, Y. Vlachakis & G. Charissis, (1996). "ID+: Enhancing Medical Knowledge Acquisition Using Inductive Machine Learning." Applied Artificial Intelligence: An International Journal , Vol. 10, Iss 2, pp 79‐94. DOI: 10.1080/088395196118605 2015-10-16