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1 V. Papanikolaou, V. Gkretsi, K. Malizos, E. Chatziliadou, S. Dubos, M. Zervakis, D. Kafetzopoulos, K. Kalantzaki, A. Bei, L. Takacs, C. Zoumadakis, A. Tsezou ,"Involvement of tgf-a, rock1, dock2 and caveolin-1 in osteoarthritis pathogenesis,"Ost. and Cartilage ,vol.22,2014. doi:10.1016%2Fj.joca.2014.02.2702015-10-25
2 S. Sfakianakis, E.S. Bei, M. Zervakis, D. Vassou, D. Kafetzopoulos ," On the identification of circulating tumor cells in breast cancer ," Biom. and Health Inform., vol.18 ,no.3,pp. 773-782.2014.doi:10.1109/JBHI.2013.22952622015-10-24
3 M.E. Blazadonakis, M.E. Zervakis, D. Kafetzopoulos ,"Complementary gene signature integration in multiplatform microarray experiments ,"IEEE Trans.s on Inf. Techn. in Biomedicine, vol. 15,no.1,pp.155 - 163,2011.doi:10.1109/TITB.2010.20729642015-10-24