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 1-4 from 4 Results - A. Migdalas
1 Y. Marinakis and A. Migdalas, “A Two Phase Local Search GRASP for the Traveling Salesman Problem”, presented at Book of Abstracts of the First International Conference on Computational Management Science, Chania, Greece, 2003.2015-11-01
2 Y. Marinakis, A. Migdalas, P.M. Pardalos and M. Marinaki, “A Hybrid Genetic - GRASP Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem”, presented at the 4th Annual Florida Supply Chain Management Conference, US, Florida, 2005.2015-11-01
3 Y. Marinakis and A. Migdalas, “Bilevel Formulations for Type Routing Problems and a Solution Method Using a Genetic Algorithm”, presented at Multilevel Optimization: Algorithms and Applications, Chania, Greece, 2005.2015-11-01
4 Y. Marinakis, A. Migdalas and P.M. Pardalos, “Cost allocation in Combinatorial Optimization Games”, in Pareto Optimality, Game Theory and Equilibria, 2008, pp. 217-247. doi: 10.1007/978-0-387-77247-9_92015-10-30