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1 I. O. Vardiambasis, M. P. Ioannidou, G. S. Liodakis, T. N. Kapetanakis, and G. A. Adamidis, "Microwave engineering education at the technological educational institutes in Greece," in Proc. 8th Intern. Conf. New Horizons in Industry, Business and Education. (NHIBE 2013), Jan, pp. 136-141. 2015-10-27
2 E. I. Solanakis, T. N. Kapetanakis, I. O. Vardiambasis, G. S. Liodakis, G.A. Adamidis, and Melina P. Ioannidou, "Telecommunication Circuits Design and Development Using FPGA Technology," in Proc.8th Intern. Conf. “New Horiz. in Ind., Busin. and Edu.”.(NHIBE 2013), Jan, pp. 153-158.2015-10-27