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A Hybrid Photovoltaic Simulator for Utility Interactive Studies

Vachtsevanos, G.J, Kalaitzakis K.C

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Year 1987
Type of Item Peer-Reviewed Journal Publication
Bibliographic Citation G.J. Vachtsevanos, K.C. Kalaitzakis, "A Hybrid Photovoltaic Simulator for Utility Interactive Studies," Energy Conversion, IEEE Transactions on ., vol. EC-2, no.2, pp. 227-231, Jun.1987. doi:10.1109/TEC.1987.4765834
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An analog-digital photovoltaic (PV) array simulator is considered. The analog section is designed on the basis of an equivalent solar cell model while the digital section is constructed realizing the mathematical representation of the array. Fast time responses achieved by the analog section make this part suitable for the study of transient phenomena associated with the interconnected operation of PVs and the utility grid. Its digital counterpart is more appropriate for long-term experimental investigations due to its inherent accuracy and reliability. The combined hybrid simulator offers a versatile and flexible piece of apparatus capable of simulating the performance of any PV array under a variety of operating conditions. The device can be constructed with low-cost components in a compact arrangement offering transportability and ease of operation. Experimental results derived from a laboratory constructed prototype match closely the theoretically computed characteristics.