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A fuzzy knowledge based method for maintenance planning in a power system

Sergaki Amalia, Kalaitzakis Kostas

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Year 2002
Type of Item Peer-Reviewed Journal Publication
Bibliographic Citation A. Sergaki, K.C. Kalaitzakis, "A fuzzy knowledge based method for maintenance planning in a power system," Reliability Engineering & System Safety, vol. 77, no.1, pp. 19-30, Jul. 2002. doi:10.1016/S0951-8320(02)00010-8
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The inspection planning in electric power industry is used to assess the safety and reliability of system components and to increase the ability of failure situation identification before it actually occurs. It reflects the implications of the available information on the operational and maintenance history of the system. The output is a ranked list of components, with the most critical ones at the top, which indicates the selection of the components to be inspected.In this paper, we demonstrate the use of a fuzzy relational database model for manipulating the data required for the criticality component ranking in thermal power systems inspection planning, incorporating criteria concerning aspects of safety and reliability, economy, variable operational conditions and environmental impacts. Often, qualitative thresholds and linguistic terms are used for the component criticality analysis. Fuzzy linguistic terms for criteria definitions along with fuzzy inference mechanisms allow the exploitation of the operators' expertise.The proposed database model ensures the representation and handling of the aforementioned fuzzy information and additionally offers to the user the functionality for specifying the precision degree by which the conditions involved in a query are satisfied.In order to illustrate the behavior of the model, a case study is given using real inspection data.