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A matrix tool for assessing the performance of intelligent buildings

Stavrakakis Georgios, Kolokotsa Dionysia, G. Sutherland , S. Karatassou , Santamouris, M

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Year 2007
Type of Item Peer-Reviewed Journal Publication
Bibliographic Citation D. Kolokotsa, G. Sutherland, G. Stavrakakis, S. Karatassou, M. Santamouris,"A matrix tool for assessing the performance of intelligent buildings", Man. of Envir. Quality: An Intern. J., vol. 18 ,no. 1, pp.36 - 49,2007. doi:10.1108/14777830710717703
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The purpose of this paper is the analysis of a methodology for the buildings' intelligence assessment through the development of a matrix tool. Techniques and technologies for use in designing, constructing and operating intelligent buildings are well known or available on the market and many intelligent buildings have been built. However, just how intelligent these buildings actually are in comparison to conventional buildings is often a question. Due to the lack of commonly accepted methods and pertinent supporting data, the assessment of the overall performance of intelligent buildings cannot be carried out. It remains difficult, if not impossible, to carry out a fair comparison between different buildings in term of intelligence. As a result, the construction industry proceeds without adequate knowledge about the best practice in intelligent building.