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Assessment of revenue from the operation of the closed swimming pool in Akrotiri-Chania

Antonopoulos Dimitrios

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Year 2015
Type of Item Diploma Work
Bibliographic Citation Dimitrios Antonopoulos, "Assessment of revenue from the operation of the closed swimming pool in Akrotiri-Chania", Diploma Work, School of Production Engineering and Management, Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece, 2015
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The indoor swimming pool of Akrotiri, is located opposite the Technical University of Chania. The aim of this work is to study the operation of the swimming pool and the exploitation of all the activities that can be developed aiming the creation of revenues. Initially there is an operational description of other swimming pools in Greece and abroad. Then, the local situation is imprinted, all areas of the closed swimming pool (ground floor, basement, swimming pools, etc.) are presented and some feasible solutions of their exploitation are proposed. In addition, there is an estimation of the expenses that are demanded, in order to become operational the swimming pool. Also, there is a description of the events and the potential of using sports tourism, with the creation of activities in greek nationwide and worldwide level. After that, there is a presentation of the direct revenues that the swimming pool can have by the exploitation of its athletic possibilities. Furthermore, there is a presentation of the indirect revenues, proposing solutions that offer cost reduction, such as the replacement of oil boilers with biomass boilers, the use of thermal cover to the pool and the change of the depth of the pool, actions that aim to conserve resources. Subsequently, two possible scenarios are presented for the operational launching of the swimming pool. The first is based on the operation as sports center exploiting the spaces of the closed swimming pool without the use of the two pools, and estimates the expenses and the incoming of the proposed scenario and additionally is estimating the needed time for the full operation of the building as a swimming center. At the next scenario are presented the direct costs and the concluding revenues from the full operation of the swimming center. In conclusion, having made all the necessary observations and having indulge extensively to the study, they are presented some deriving results, which demonstrate sufficiently the profits from the swimming pool’s operation for the Technical University, as well as the wider society.

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