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Model calibration with variable speed limits on motorways

Kalliga Vasiliki

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Year 2017
Type of Item Diploma Work
Bibliographic Citation Vasiliki Kalliga, "Model calibration with variable speed limits on motorways", Diploma Work, School of Production Engineering and Management, Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece, 2017
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The continuously increasing daily traffic congestions on motorway networks around the world call for innovative control measures that would drastically improve the current traffic conditions, such as the implementation of variable speed limits (VSLs). Macroscopic traffic flow models are widely used for the representation of traffic conditions. For the purposes of this study a part of the M1 motorway, in Melbourne, Australia, was calibrated with the use of the second-order, macroscopic model, METANET. The model was calibrated in CALISTO software tool, which has been appropriately extended in order to handle VSLs. Speed and flow measurements, collected from the field, are used in order to tune the simulation parameters with the purpose of replicating realistic traffic conditions. The optimization algorithm that has been applied to solve the parameter estimation problem is Nelder-Mead. The optimum set was used to validate two different days, for which we had available data. The results show a satisfactory representation of the real traffic conditions.

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