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The role of psychological capital in students’ perceived future employability

Tataraki Maria

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Year 2020
Type of Item Diploma Work
Bibliographic Citation Maria Tataraki, "The role of psychological capital in students’ perceived future employability", Diploma Work, School of Production Engineering and Management, Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece, 2020
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This project focuses on the concepts of Psycological Capital and the future employability of students. According to the literature, the concept of psychological capital is a positive state of a person and includes 4 dimensions: a) Hope, b) Self-efficacy, c) Optimism, d) Psychological Resilience.Future employability refers to the perception that students have of their "work" self after completing their studies. The project assumes that the Psychological Capital has a positive correlation with future employability. We also assume that the maturity of the student has a significant impact on this correlation, as the connection between psychological capital and future employability may be stronger in students with high maturity.More specifically, in the context of the project, research and statistical analyzes were carried out, with the assistance of a questionnaire that was distributed to students of different faculties. The questionnaire contains questions through which we can accurately collect a number of different answers, opinions and perceptions of students, both about their future employability, career, beliefs and dreams and the impact of their psychology on them. At the same time, the factor of "maturity" of the students is examined, which is important part of the research. Finally, in the present dissertation, being presented and analyzed, the concepts of psychological capital, future employability, perceived future employability and maturity, as well as the correlation between them, will be understood.

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