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Pharmaceutical supply chain: prospects and challenges in the era of personalized medicine

Gkikas Ilias

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Year 2020
Type of Item Master Thesis
Bibliographic Citation Ilias Gkikas, "Pharmaceutical supply chain: prospects and challenges in the era of personalized medicine", Master Thesis, School of Production Engineering and Management, Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece, 2020
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The Greek national health system possesses a unique structure and organization, designated to coordinate patients’ therapies with drug subscription. As part of the health care system, pharmaceutical companies play an immense role in the production and supply of efficient and without side effects medicines. To meet their initial goals, most pharmaceutical companies invest in medical research and unique biomedical technologies. It is becoming apparent that newly acquired therapeutic technologies as well as practices are indispensable for high financial performance of pharmaceutical companies. Towards this direction, supply chain management represents an important approach for coordinating sourcing and production with logistics of newly developed drugs on demand of healthcare needs. For instance, emerging findings from clinical research on neurodegenerative disorders and cancer, propose a new patient treatment-model which debates the model of ‘one drug for every patient’ still being applied to date. Particularly, through precision or personalized medicine, proper medication strategies are decided based on individual patient genetic background. Among others, personalized medicine aims to early diagnosis and targeted therapies which in turn curtail medicine abuse. Due to drug sensitivity in supply chain practices, development and logistics should be coordinated to meet hospitals’ and patients’ demands. The last requires reconciliation of traditional to contemporary requirements of pharmaceutical supply chain in the new era of personalized medicine. Here, we review supply chain practices of Greek pharmaceutical companies. In this context, Genesis Pharm, FAMAR and PHARMATHEN supply chain approaches are described. Taking under consideration the recently formed centers of personalized medicine in Greece, prospects and challenges of supply chain management in this new era are examined.

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