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The beginnings of Modernity in Modern Greek Art in the spirit of ‘Venizelism’ and Crete as a source of inspiration for the painters of the ‘Generation of the ’30s’

Kouroutaki Alexandra

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Year 2018
Type of Item Peer-Reviewed Journal Publication
Bibliographic Citation Α. Κουρουτάκη, «Οι απαρχές της Νεωτερικότητας στη Νεοελληνική Τέχνη στο πνεύμα του “Βενιζελισμού” και η Κρήτη ως πηγή έμπνευσης για τους ζωγράφους της “Γενιάς του 1930”,» Κρητική Εστία, τ. 15, σελ. 243-271, 2018.
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The present study is an anniversary tribute to the historic “Art Group” (1917-1919) on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of its foundation. At first, the article attempts to highlight Venizelos’ significant contribution to the modernization of Greek art by pointing out the practical support provided by the Liberal Government to the innovating “Art Group” in its exhibitions in Greece and in Paris. A comparative study aims to reveal the convergence of the “Art Group” mainly with some dominant French symbolist, impressionist and post-impressionist painters.Secondly, reference is made to the famous artistic “Generation of the ’30s” and particularly to some important Greek artists of the interwar period such as N. Engonopoulos, Theophilus, G. Tsarouchis, G. Gounaropoulos, G. Steris, K. Parthenis and F. Kontoglou who, in the search for “Greekness”, created paintings inspired by Crete and its culture, history, literature, theater, myths and folk tradition. This artistic “Generation of the ’30s” has essentially led Greek art to the 20th century. Its members included the Cretan civilization in their themes, aiming the emergence of a cultural vision in which the Greek “archetypality” could creatively coexist with the West.

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