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Design and installation of a wind turbine in an existing windmill for the operation of a traditional tourist residence

Rasouli Angeliki

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Year 2021
Type of Item Diploma Work
Bibliographic Citation Angeliki Rasouli, "Design and installation of a wind turbine in an existing windmill for the operation of a traditional tourist residence", Diploma Work, School of Production Engineering and Management, Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece, 2021
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The present dissertation aims to highlight the mill site in Seli Ampelos of the Lassithi plateau, through the reopening of a former mill, as a traditional tourist residence. This house will be fully autonomous with the help of a modern wind turbine, which will be designed exactly for the needs of the building, if it is placed inside, in place of the former wooden milling mechanism. This modern wind turbine, rated power 5kw will be able to meet the needs of the house in electricity, as the wind potential of the place, makes the area of the plateau, highly efficient.In more detail, in the first chapter, are being presented the history of the mills and the way they evolved into wind turbines, trough out the time, as we know them, nowadays, similarly to the wind turbine that we used in this project. The first mills had mainly grinding and pumping purpose and played a very important role in the development of agriculture. Today, wind turbines are widely used to generate electricity, as they are a widespread renewable energy source, with a variety of shapes and sizes on the market. Finally, the technical characteristics of Windspot 3.5, which was used in the work, are presented.In the second chapter, the history and characteristics of Seli Ambelos are being referred. The place is well known for its tradition in the construction and use of mills, as the prevailing weather conditions on the plateau and the velocities of the wind, pushed the inhabitants to take advantage of these special features for their own privilege. Also, the characteristics of the mill into which the wind turbine was added, are presented together with the plans of its static restoration.The third chapter concerns the 3D design of the wind turbine, in the Solidworks 2017 program environment. More specifically, we see the design and assembly methodology used to complete the work, the assembly tree as well as the drawings of the final lay out.Finally, in the 4th chapter, reference is made to the aspirations of this diplomatic position. These are, firstly, the financial benefits, that this project will have, combined with the positive impact that this can cause, on the general area as a whole through agrotourism. The cultural objectives that led to the specific choice of placing the modern wind turbine within the traditional windmill, in order, on the one hand, to be clearly differentiated from the existing building and on the other hand to give a modern value with architectural interest. The design objectives, which concern the proper placement of the wind turbine in the building. Finally, the environmental objectives of this work are set out. This proposal comes as an evolution of the postgraduate dissertation of my colleague Nyktaris Gabriel «Structural restoration and proposal of reuse of a windmill from a stone structure Seli Ampelou - Lassithi Plateau», within the postgraduate program of the School of Architecture Engineers of the Technical University of Crete "Integrated design in a historically built environment with advanced technologies and materials".At the end there are the appendix on the cost of using home appliances and the Windspot 3.5 kw manual as well as the appendix of models.

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