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Analysis of water distribution network under pressure using digital twins

Bovolou Dionysia

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Year 2022
Type of Item Diploma Work
Bibliographic Citation Dionysia Bovolou, "Analysis of water distribution network under pressure using digital twins", Diploma Work, School of Production Engineering and Management, Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece, 2022
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A digital twin is a digital replica of a physical object or system. The virtual model of a system can be used to simulate its real-world behavior, optimize performance and enable new capabilities. Digital twins apply in a variety of industries to create smarter, more efficient systems. In the water supply industry, for example, digital twins are being utilized in order to analyze distribution systems and identify potential problems before they occur. This helps utilities avoid costly repairs and improve the efficiency of their operations. The inclusion of digital twins technology in these fields may result in a more sustainable future and improved management of resources.In this thesis, the digital twin for the water distribution network from the Aposelemi dam to Heraklion is created. In particular, EPANET, a freely available open source software, is used for digital modeling. The analysis is also conducted in this program using data taken from the actual network. The goal of the study is to model the network on EPANET and make the virtual network function like the original. Analysis examples are also conducted to make the results clear. Through the examples, it is investigated whether it is possible to identify parts with high pressure or intense pressure changes in the network. By extension, the purpose is to predict the pressures in inaccessible places, the fatigue of the material and to support preventive maintenance.

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