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Sensitivity analysis of optimal power dispatch for all-electric ship

Tsekouras, George, Kanellos Fotios, Kontosoros Michalis

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Year 2021
Type of Item Peer-Reviewed Journal Publication
Bibliographic Citation G. J. Tsekouras, F. D. Kanellos and M. Kontosoros, "Sensitivity analysis of optimal power dispatch for all-electric ship," WSEAS Transactions on Power Systems, vol. 16, pp. 22-40, Mar. 2021, doi:10.37394/232016.2021.16.3.
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Shipping industry is reforming and changing fast, as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) works towards air pollution prevention and ship-owners pursue more efficient operation of their ships. Formerly, propulsion and electric load dispatch in ship power system is implemented proportionally with respect to nominal power of prime movers and generators respectively. Additionally, integrated full electric propulsion, optimal real-time dispatch to ship generators and the integration of new systems, such as energy storage systems, shaft generators etc. could have gained a wider application. In this paper the optimal dispatch for ship power system based on Lagrange method is presented comparing the classic and all-electric ship design. The developed method is applied to an ten years old Ro-Ro (roll on / roll off) passenger ship and an analytical sensitivity analysis is occurred out with respect not only to technical characteristics of the ship, such as fuel kind, propulsion chain factors, but also voyage characteristics, such as ship speed, route length etc.

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