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Evaluation of the management model of the municipal water supply and sewerage company of Chania

Striligka Dimitra

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Year 2023
Type of Item Master Thesis
Bibliographic Citation Dimitra Striligka, "Evaluation of the management model of the municipal water supply and sewerage company of Chania", Master Thesis, School of Production Engineering and Management, Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece, 2023
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The subject of this master's thesis is the evaluation of the Management model of the Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Chania (D.E.Y.A.X.). Initially, a research is carried out for the search for printed (Greek and foreign language) but also in electronic form (Electronic internet) the material that governs the Organization and Management of Businesses, the organizational structures of the 20th century and the principles of the effective organization, management and operation of businesses. The management models that govern the businesses and the leadership styles are also recorded. In the following, the legal status of the establishment of the Association of Municipal Water and Sewerage Enterprises (E.D.E.Y.A.) of the Municipal Water and Sewerage Enterprises (D.E.Y.A.) and in general the Municipal Water and Sewerage Enterprise of Chania is recorded. The organizational chart, the number and the specialties of the staff of D.E.Y.A.X. will be presented. Based on the Internal Service Organization (O.E.Y.) and the Management model you apply at D.E.Y.A.X.. Then the financial data (budgets and balance sheets) are recorded and a comparison of the financial indicators Balance Sheets of D.E.Y.A. Chania, of D.E.Y.A. Rethimnon and D.E.Y.A. Heraklion. The projects that have been constructed, others are under construction and which are under auction or ready to begin, which are financed by various Programs or constructed from the own resources of D.E.Y.A.H., will be recorded. Then quantitative and qualitative characteristics of water supply will be recorded, sewage and biological cleaning of D.E.Y.A.X.. In order to achieve the goal of evaluating the Management Model of the above company, a quantitative research tool will be used by completing a questionnaire which will be completed by the managers and employees of the company. Research data will be collected and statistically analyzedthrough SPSS statistical software program. The results will show that the expectations of the research samples for the evaluation of Municipal Enterprises do not correspond to the prevailing reality. The evaluation of the management model of D.E.Y.A.X. is also moderately covered by the research samples. Finally, the most important conclusions that will be drawn from the evaluation of the Management Model of D.E.Y.A.X. will be recorded.

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